Less Known Yogyakarta Tourism Site

Are you already visited Borobudur and Prambanan Temple? Did you learn about Keraton Yogyakarta, buy a lot of Batik in Sukowati market, taste local dish in Malioboro street and feel like nothing more you can do in this nice district? Or are you looking for less known Yogyakarta destinations to visit? Here is our list of some more adventure you can do in Yogyakarta.

Pindul Cave River Tubing

Pindul Cave is one happening Yogyakarta tourism destination. Located about one and half an hour driving from the city, this destination offers several interesting activity to do such as river tubing or body rafting through Pindul Cave and Oyo River, walking through Gelatik Cave, and off-road jeep adventure.

You can feel the unique sensation when you slowly floating on the surface of underground river and see inside Pindul Cave. If you prefer being in the open, you can still try body rafting on Oyo River. At left and right side of the river is karsts wall with green vegetation, a truly nice and calming scenery. And at some point of your floating trip there is a small waterfall, ten meter high, and you can jump off from the top of the waterfall if you dare.

If you prefer floating on nice green water, you should come at dry season. At rainy season the current is more fun but the river turn brown because rain bring sediment. The retribution fee is IDR 10.000 and for equipment rent plus guide is started from IDR 50.000 per activity.

Jomblang Cave

This is another cave in Gunung Kidul region, Yogyakarta. Jomblang Cave is vertical cave, formed by geological process where upper soil and its vegetation dropped and made a sinkhole hundreds years ago. To enter Jomblang Cave you have to be brave enough to come down from 60 meter high using single rope technique.

There are guides who will help you and make sure you’re safe. When you arrive at the cave floor, you can see ancient forest and karsts hills. And the you will walk deeper inside the cave, when it gets darker suddenly you see a pillar of light from hole 90 meters above you. A magnificent “divine light”. To do Jomblang caving, you have to prepare at least IDR 450.000 per person.

Punthuk Setumbu Sunrise

Punthuk Setumbu is worth visiting especially for photography lovers in Yogyakarta. It is actually not in Yogyakarta district, but in Magelang district, 400 south of Borobudur Temple. Here you can see mystical ambiance when the dawn break and mist appeared and create “layer effect” of hills.

The main attraction is Borobudur temple silhouette from afar which is just breathtaking. Punthuk Setumbu definitely gives different sunrise sensation from other places. Retribution fee to enjoy sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu is IDR 15.000

Paragliding at Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis beach is one of famous Yogyakarta’s destination. Many people believe that you can’t say you’ve been in Yogyakarta if you have not visit Parangtritis. So this beach usually crowded with tourist. And if you planning to go to or already been in Bali, then better skip Parangtritis Beach.

However, there is something you can try just one step away from the beach, paragliding. You can glide over Parangtritis Beach and have better view of South Sea horizon. Find Bukit Parangendog for the starting point. To do this, it will cost you IDR 300.000.

Imogiri Pine Forest and Mangunan Orchard

Imogiri Pine forest have a beautiful atmosphere to relax. Hundreds of pine make a nice background for taking pictures. Bring a hammock, tie it to the trees and enjoy yourself. fifteen minutes from Imogiri Pine Forest, there are Mangunan Orchard. Located on hill, this orchard have an amazing view of green hills and Oyo River. You can also see South Sea from afar. If you arrive there late on the afternoon, you might as well wait for sunset. The sunset from above would be magnificent.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Sri Gethuk waterfall is an interesting waterfall to visit because it is in the middle of a river.  To get to the waterfall, you should take a raft, makes this trip more fun. And then you can swim around under the waterfall or just playing with the stream of fresh water. Sri Gethuk Waterfall located not far from Pindul Cave. The entrance fee is only IDR 3.000 and IDR 5.000 for the raft ride.

Siung Beach

Siung Beach not as famous as Parangtritis Beach, yet it has something more to offer. Steep cliffs surrounding Siung Beach is a great place for climbing. If you like the rush of adrenaline maybe you should try cliff climbing here. There are 250 climbing tracks you can try, with different difficulty levels from easy to hard one.

Gumuk Pasir

Snowboarding in Indonesia will be impossible. But Yogyakarta has another challenge, sandboarding at Gumuk Pasir, located at Parangkusumo Beach. You better come on the late afternoon when sun is not as fierce and the sand lost some its heat. Bring lots of water and show us some move. To do this, you only need to pay IDR 150.000 and you can play as long as you want.

Merapi Lava Tour

Mount Merapi eruption destroyed many houses and left the sign of its mighty. Now you can see the aftermath of Mount Merapi eruption, an abandoned village, a museum of what left after the eruption, and amazing scenery of Mount Merapi. This tour will not be boring, the jeep track offers its own adventure. Don’t eat too much before off-road, it will be one bumpy ride.