Anambas Islands – The Most Beautiful Tropical Islands

Anambas is relatively new distric of Riau Islands Province. Tarempa is the capital city of Anambas, located in Siantan Island. Anambas consisted of 175 islands and 53 amongs them is uninhabited.

Anambas Islands was crowned as the most beautiful tropical islands in the Asia version of Of course this title itself explain how beautiful Anambas Island is.

The main islands are Matak, Terempa (Siantan), and Jemaja Andriabu. To get around Anambas region, to hop islands, you have to rent pompong (boat) with price depends on how far you want to go. To get around inside Anambas, you can rent motorcycle for 50.000 – 100.000 IDR per day.

To get to Siantan island, you can use KM Bukit Raya (ship) from Natuna and Batam. You can also flight to Matak airport with Riau Airlines. The Flight available three times per week.

These are some beautiful place that you must visit at Anambas Islands

1. Bawah Island

The most beautiful island on Anambas Islands is called as Bawah Island. Bawah Island is the main island on Anambas. The Island is famous for it’s lagoon which has clear blue water and formed by the ocean water which was trapped in the middle of the island. When the sea water was in low tide, a barrier between the sea water inside and outside formed.

The water in this area is very clear. And from above the surface, you can clearly sight into the bottom of the lagoon, including reef and fish. There is wreck ship which known as ‘Seven Heaven’ and ‘Igara’ which sank in the waters. In addition, it  was being home to large variety of marine life as well the main attraction for drvers.

2. Ayam Island

Next ‘must visit island’ in Anambas Islands is Ayam Island. This Island has clear waters and covered with various coral reef. Plus the current is calm and the sea is deep. A heaven for diving, snorkeling, or Fishing lovers.

You’ll be amazed by the view and the face of this island. Going there will certainly going to be memorable and exciting experience.

Until now, there aren’t regular sea transportation modes that serve spesific routes to the Ayam Island. You must bring your own speed boat or pompong. The pompong price rent from Tarampa to Ayam Island is from 700.000 IDR (two ways), and took about two hours.

3. Temburun Waterfall

Temburun Waterfall – Image:

While you in Tarempa, don’t forget to visit Temburun waterfall, the most magnificent waterfall in Riau Islands. This waterfall has a unique contour of cliffs, has a seven levels rocky staircases. The water flows directly to the sea from the top of 250 meters high.

To get there by land can be accessed by motorcycle, from the city of Tarempa could takes about an hour. Or you can go there by boat (pompong) from Port of Local Government, Tarempa (price rent is about 200.000 IDR). First the pompong will docked at Pier Village Temburun, and the journey continue by walk for ten minutes.

4. Other Beautiful Islands

There are several more islands to visit around Anambas, and all of them are beautiful. Like Durai Island where some turtle laid eggs. Or Penjalin Island that has beautiful white beach and hills that you can trek to get amazing view from the top.

Don’t miss Anambas Islands when you visit beloved Indonesia. The following two tabs change content below.